Rapalje Zomerfolk, Groningen

Rapalje III John BlokWe had us a wonderful time at the Rapalje Zomerfolk festival in Groningen. Thanks for the warm welcome folks! Hopefully we’ll see you all next year. And thanks for the pics Harry Jansen and John Blok.
Rapalje II Hans Jansen IIRapalje 1 Harry Jansen II


Update May 2014

Blue Grass Boogiemen at Bevrijdingsfestival Utrecht. Thanks for the photo Niek Wolters!

Blue Grass Boogiemen at Bevrijdingsfestival Utrecht. Thanks for the photo Niek Wolters!

Hi folks!

Welcome to our new site. Thanks to Edd (, who also designed the artwork for our latest album, and our own Bart, who have put it together and in working order. We hope you’ll like it and visit us often here. If you can find the time, it’d be much appreciated if you’d leave a comment in our guestbook. Tell us what you think.

It’s been a while, but here’s a new update. A lot of exciting things have Continue reading →


New CD out – Delivering the Grass

DeliveringTheGrassPersbericht Excelsior Recordings

Deliverin’ the grass – Blue Grass Boogiemen

‘Deliverin’ the grass’ is het vierde album van de Blue Grass Boogiemen. Deliverin’ the grass is tevens hetgeen de Blue Grass Boogiemen al jaren doen, zowel hier in Nederland als in de rest van Europa en in de VS. Van Paradiso tot ‘s werelds meest beroemde bluegrassclub de Station Inn in Nashville, Tennessee; van de Rodeo Bar in New York tot de Continental Club in ‘live music capitol of the world’ Austin, Texas; ze traden er op. Al ruim 22 jaar staan Continue reading →


Waldorf, Greven, Zuilen, Westport & Brock

Westport 13Parel 12 AllenHi folks!

Here’s a quick update for you, about what we’ve been up to since the last one. We’ve been quite busy playing gigs here in Holland and abroad. The first edition of the ‘Bluegrass at ‘De Parel van Zuylen” festival was a great succes and we congratulate our fiddlin’ friend Joost van Es with that. Looks like Continue reading →


De Melkbus, 3FM radio

3FM !Hi folks!

It’s been a great couple of weeks since our last update. We’ve had some fine shows and met many old friends and made a lot of new ones. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to a special one,De Melkbus Jaap ‘The Birdman’ Vogel, who came to see us play on a regular basis, and oftentimes joined in doing his legendary rendition of ‘Your cheatin’ heart’ and playing harmonica on ‘Life’s railway to Heaven’. Well, he’s on that railway right now. Doctors gave him up 4 years ago, but he was a though old boy. We’re grateful our paths have crossed many times, and he will be missed by all of us.  Continue reading →


Tijd voor Max, de Supersonische Boem

ParoolHi folks!

We’re well into the new year, and these first couple of weeks have been great for us. There has been another national tv appearance for ‘Tijd voor Max‘ (see below) and some memorable shows at the ‘Kleine Komedie’ theater in Amsterdam, where we played alongside wellknown Dutch artists to present the forthcoming album ‘De Supersonische Boem‘ featuring songs written by Annie M.G. Schmidt and Harry Bannink. Many of these songs are very wellknown here in Holland and have been populair for many years. If you want to hear us sing in Dutch, here’s some footage of the soundcheck (see below). We got some great response for both our tv appearances and the shows at de Kleine Komedie. We’re confident this exposure will open some new doors for us.  Continue reading →