Blue Grass Boogiemen  

Date City Venue Country
27-May-17 Borken Rhee Thona DE
03-Jun-17 Greven GrevenGrass DE
04-Jun-17 Greven GrevenGrass DE
05-Jun-17 Utrecht Utrecht Centraal (festival) DE
Time: 1:00pm.
05-Jun-17 Rosmalen Private Party Rosmalen NL
Time: 6:00pm.
24-Jun-17 Heeswijk-Dinther Lieverlee Festival NL
25-Jun-17 Rotterdam Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival NL
01-Jul-17 Valkenswaard Wielerronde Valkenswaard NL
07-Jul-17 Ameland Celtic Music Festival NL
08-Jul-17 Ameland Celtic Music Festival NL
26-Aug-17 Albertville Country festival FR
23-Sep-17 Gasselternijveenschemond De Motorschuur NL
01-Oct-17 Almelo Liedjesmakers Festival FR
06-Oct-17 Den Haag Mariott Hotel (private party) FR
24-Nov-17 Valthermond Het Veurhof NL

Blue Grass Boogiemen, Ella Wonder, Pierre van Duyl, Bob Fosko  

Date City Venue Country
16-Aug-17 Amsterdam De Parade NL
17-Aug-17 Amsterdam De Parade NL
18-Aug-17 Amsterdam De Parade NL
19-Aug-17 Amsterdam De Parade NL
20-Aug-17 Amsterdam De Parade NL
21-Aug-17 Amsterdam De Parade NL
22-Aug-17 Amsterdam De Parade NL

Danny Vera & Blue Grass Boogiemen  

Date City Venue Country
07-Oct-17 Amsterdam Paradiso (main hall) NL

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12 Responses to Shows

  1. Thorsten

    Hello there,

    are there any plans for touring Germany this year?
    Would realy appreciate to see you guys live once in my life, missed every chance so far :-(

    Greetings from Burgebrach/Bamberg,

  2. Arnold Lasseur

    I believe we’re only playing in Borken. But you best check our tourdates, for there may be other shows.

    Greetings from Holland!

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