Swapping jokes

Swapping jokes with Wilbur Tharpe and Peter Rowan

Hi folks!

We had us a great time at the Appalachian and Bluegrass music festival in Omagh, N-Ireland again. We met a lot of our friends and made us many new ones. The shows all went very well and we sold out on the cds. Especially the show at the sold out marquee, on Saturday night, was fantastic! Also the sessions at the pub near where we were staying were great. The organiser of the festival made it clear that we will be back at the festival sometime in the future and we’re surely looking forward to that! Thanks folks, for making us feel so welcome again!

This week we’ll be going to the ‘Into the great wide open’-festival, which is quite a big deal over here. One of the biggies so to speak. We hope the folks will be up for some bluegrass between all the other types of music featured there. Looking forward to that!