Blue Grass Boogiemen TX BBQ Den HaagAs we wrote earlier, the summer break is coming up. After that we’ll continue working on our forthcoming cd for the Excelsior label. It’s going te be one with mostly original songs and we sure hope you’re going to like it. The whole project is quite exciting for us, as Excelsior Recordings is one of the major labels over here in Holland. We sure are proud to be on there.

Also, after the summer, we’ll be coming over to see our friends at the Ulster-American Folk Park (Omagh, N-Ireland), for the Appalachian and Bluegrass Music Festival. That’s always a treat. Apart from the performances (by bands from the US as well as Europe) there’s always plenty picking going on at the various jamsessions. Maybe we’ll even enjoy a Guinness over the weekend. After that, we’ll be hurrying back for the ‘Into the great Wide Open‘-festival here in the Netherlands. That’s a major event over here and we’re very much looking forward to that also, as we are to the other festivals and clubdates we’ll be doing of course (you can find them under ‘Tourdates’)