"Hé hé wordt wakker, hier is de bakkerrr"

“Hé hé wordt wakker, hier is de bakkerrr”

Hi folks!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We’ve sure been keeping ourselves busy, working on different projects. We’ve recorded our addition to the Annie M.G. Schmidt (a famous Dutch writer) tribute album, and are pleased with the result. It was the first time we worked with the guys of the Excelsior Recordings label and the collaboration went just fine. We’re looking forward to recording our next album for them in February.

Another project was us backing up Tommy Allsup. Tommy played guitar in Buddy Holly’s Crickets and worked with Bob Wills, Ray Price, the Ventures and numorous other big names in music. It sure was a pleasure and an honour to join this legend on stage.

Tommy Allsup

Tommy Allsup

Another, to us very exciting project went on last Sunday, but unfortunately, we can’t say anything about that yet.

We’re looking forward to a what looks to be a very exciting new year, and hope the same for all of you. Merry Christmas everybody! And we hope to see each and everyone of you in 2013!

(Photos courtesy of ‘De Supersonische Boem’ and Etienne Stekelenburg)