Cowtown - Haystack Hitones

Cowtown – Haystack Hitones

Cowtown - Are You Missing Me

Cowtown – Are You Missing Me

That was another great weekend. Saturday we went to Germany for the Cowtown Rocks Again weekender, which was a lot of fun. The scene was an old western-type street and the stage was set up was outside. First up were the Haystack Hi-tones, who did a great set. Soon the folks were boppin’ and jivin’ around and the atmosphere was great. Then we were up. It’s always great to enjoy the enthousiastic response of the rockabillies to our brand of bluegrass. We also threw in some grassed up versions of rockabilly tunes and they loved it. Afterwards there was a wonderful afterparty where fun was had by all.

On Sunday we went down to Waalre where we played for the Kempener Pop festival, sharing the bill with acts as diverse as Demented Are Go to Dutch folk icon Armand. The show went great and the crowds response was wonderful. It makes us smile with pride to know we put bluegrass music on the popfestival-map over here, and we can make the young folks feel the high-energy of the music, just like they feel it in any other type of music. We sure hope we’ll be invited to many more of those festivals to come, and keep giving Bill Monroe’s music the stage and attention it deserves.

Thanks folks in ‘Cowtown’ and at the Kempener Pop festival for another unforgettable weekend!

Next up are another popfestival, this time closer to home, in IJsselstein and a countrymusic festival in Arnhem. Hope to see you folks there, or anywhere else down the road!