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Bluegrass in Brabant

CandyeThis Sunday we’ll be playing in Brabant twice. First in Tilburg at De Paradox Sundayfolk.

Then after that we’ll be playing at De Effenaar in Eindhoven along with a whole bunch of blues/roots/rock’n’roll bands for the Candye Kane benefit. Candye needs a lot of support in order to be able to pay for her operation, so come along and help us help her!


Work in pro-grass

We’ve had a couple of fun gigs these last couple of weeks, but there’s still a lot of work to be done at the Excelsior Recordings studio for our forthcoming album. Many musical friends have come to join us over the last couple of months to help us out with our 25th anniversary-album. It’s going to be a very special one, and what we’ve heard so far sounds pretty good. Also thanks to Dutch top-producer Frans Hagenaars. So far so good! We’ll keep you posted. Thanks for the pic Renate Beense!

                                 Bennie Jolink


Back in the saddle again

Hi folks! Summer break is over and we’ve already been quite busy playing and recording for our special new album, celebrating our 25th anniversary (more about that later). This weekend we’re playing the wedding of our friend Herman Brock Jr, who’s been making quite a name for himself and his fine group of musicians lately. Good on him. The more the merrier we say. On Sunday we’re playing our stamping ground Utrecht, at one of our absolute favorite hangouts dB’s. After that we’ll be part of a show at De Kleine Komedie in Amsterdam, celebrating the book ‘Drie akkoorden en de waarheid’ (‘Three chords and the truth’) by our friend and wellknown Dutch writer Rob van Scheers. Hope we’ll see you!dB's 2015


Getting ready for our summer break

Well, that was quite a lotta fun last weekend. First up wasTerschelling on Friday, where we first played at the opening of the festival, and later at Bar-dancing Braskoer, meeting old friends and making new ones. Then Saturday we were off to Schiedam for Maasboulevardfeest and then straight off to Damme, Belgium to play on a boat for the Straatmuziekfestival. We spent the night at the Cowboy Up, with our friends Nicky and Annelore, which is always a blast! Then on Sunday we played at the V Acht Brothers Summer meeting. Thanks for all the pics you’ve sent folks. And thanks for all the hospitality you showed us. We’re eternally grateful.

Summer meeting 16 band


Busy busy busy

Counting the Norway trip, we’ve got ten gigs this week. Apart from a few private shows, we’re playing the countryfestival at Terschelling this Friday, then go to Schiedam for the Maasboulevard festival, then it’s off to Belgium again where we got shows on Saturday and Sunday. Lots to look forward to. Hope to see you folks! For details check our schedule.

Summer Meeting V8


Thanks friends in Norway!

The festival in Skjak, Norway was great, again! Great organisation, great music, great people, great weather; in one word: BRAAAAA!!!! Hope to be back there many, many times in the future! (photo: Dominique Melet)

Skjak Dominque Melet