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Busy busy busy

Counting the Norway trip, we’ve got ten gigs this week. Apart from a few private shows, we’re playing the countryfestival at Terschelling this Friday, then go to Schiedam for the Maasboulevard festival, then it’s off to Belgium again where we got shows on Saturday and Sunday. Lots to look forward to. Hope to see you folks! For details check our schedule.

Summer Meeting V8


Thanks friends in Norway!

The festival in Skjak, Norway was great, again! Great organisation, great music, great people, great weather; in one word: BRAAAAA!!!! Hope to be back there many, many times in the future! (photo: Dominique Melet)

Skjak Dominque Melet


Muddy Roots Europe

Well, the Muddy Roots Europe pre-party was a fun night and helped us well underway to the Rockabilly Rave in England. Good to see so many old friends and meet so many new ones! This week we’ll be back recording in the studio again, do a couple of private parties and then it’s back to our friends at Muddy Roots Europe. Hope to see you there!